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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Explore a new local market

It's summer and it's time to go on vacation!  While you're away this summer, try to get out and explore what kind of food the area has to offer.  No matter where you're traveling, there's sure to be a special product to find at a local market.  While you're visiting these local markets, be sure to get some tips from the vendors or growers if you can on ways to prepare the food you're buying.  You'll be able to pick up some great advice or new recipes from those who are really familiar with the food.  This is something you should always try at you're own local farmer's market to get some insight from the people who know the food the best, the farmers!

This weekend, I traveled to the Finger Lakes and visited one of my favorite little gems in the town of Naples, NY.  Joseph's Wayside Market is a small market on the main street running through Naples that sells everything from locally grown produce, beautiful annual flowers, a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and herb plants, and a vast array of locally made bakery products, jellies, jams, sauces, and other Finger Lakes products.

There's so much the Finger Lakes area has to offer, it's impossible to explore it all in a weekend.  I'll continue to enjoy my new local food discoveries throughout the summer and I encourage everyone to find something local and delicious in your favorite vacation spot!

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