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Friday, April 13, 2012

Daniluk Farms

First of all, I have to apologize for my lack of posts the last few weeks.  Papers, research proposals, and all of the other wonderful things that Grad School brings have completely taken over my life!!  Not to mention a very busy one year old who has put on her walking shoes and is now even harder to catch!  I will be posting much more frequently as the summer nears and with many more recipes when I can dust off my pots and pans and make a real meal again.

For now, though, I do have some valuable information for you meat eaters out there.  I realized that I have yet to post any information or recipes regarding where to buy local meat.  So carnivors rejoice, I have found a great place to buy beef!  Daniluk Farms, located on Route 5 in Camillus offers a wide variety of beef packages including hamburger, sirloin steaks, roasts, and prime cut steaks all from cows that are grass fed and not treated with antibiotics or artificial hormones.  If you're not familiar with the importance of grass fed cows, I encourage you to look into some of the info that's out there.  I won't get into it here as it's a rather dismal topic, but to make a long story short, it's better for the cow, it's better for you, and it's better for the environment.  Choosing grass fed beef from a local farm is a much more sustainable option.

Daniluk Farms is a great choice because you can place your order online and pick it up at the Syracuse Regional Market on Saturday mornings at their stand.  Some of their packages are large, so it may be a good idea to split them with a friend or family member if you don't have the storage space in your fridge or freezer, or if your just an occasional meat-eater like I am.  Check out the Daniluk Farms website at or stop by their stand at the market and take a minute to chat with the farmers.  The more you know about where your food is coming from the better off you'll be!

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